ugsThis former computer software firm, eventually acquired by Siemens AG and taking on the name Siemens PLM software, came to Caliber when it was necessary for the tenant improvements to occur while their staff remained in the space. Set in the Warland Cypress Business Center, the scope of work entailed a sequential remodel of the building, phased to allow for staff to move out of construction zones and remain productive. The coordination of phasing involved close cooperation amongst a trio of constituents: occupants, contractors and city staff. The project was successfully completed in 2005 with minimal disruption to the ongoing work of UGS.


  • Reusable temporary walls were constructed as a means of separating out the construction zones.
  • A coffee station design was constructed in multiple locations thru out the office area to keep hydration flowing.
  • The scope of work included the development of a new cafeteria, computer room and a reconstructed lobby.
Caliber worked in multiple phases to renovate the entire building without requiring the tenant to vacate.