When athletics product producer Speedo moves to a 64,000 sq. ft. Orange County setting, Caliber steps in to introduce value engineering ideas that kept the move-in date on schedule and retain the unique features that make their contemporary space even more distinctive.

Speedo’s team now enjoys a mix of floor to ceiling glass enclosed offices (many on the 18,000 square foot mezzanine level), clusters of office pods, and a mixed-use zone hosting cubicles and open areas.


  • Caliber collaborated with Designworx to bring their design to life.
  • A raised access floor throughout the minimalist space will ease later reconfigurations.
  • Collaborative clusters, private office spaces and vast gathering areas offer every configuration for staff to continue producing innovating products.
  • A large video screen was placed in one gathering space capable of hosting large groups.
Caliber finished the project by prepping a 14 foot by 14-foot aboveground pool behind the large two-story glass lobby well-suited to product demonstrations.


Bundled office pods resemble small individual sheds with three foot openings. Pods become enclosed when shut with 8 ft. x 10 ft. sliding barn doors. Higher open ceilings enables more daylighting harvesting. Underfloor ventilation raises comfort for workers and allows the space to be changed quickly and economically when demands shift in the years to come.