czarnowski1Czarnowski is an exhibit designer known to create engaging environments for leading brands. Founded in 1947, the self-described creators of places to “nest products in a brand environment” needed their Los Angeles space to reflect their special brand of creativity. The space also needed to put forth their brand pillar of “loving what they do”, show their attention to detail, and reflect the engagement they drive with their interactive displays. Caliber arrived on scene to make every detail of their office reflective of the company’s culture so their space contributes to inspire their team as they continue their work for companies like Gulfstream, Panasonic, BMW and Mercedes.

For the third year in a row, Czarnowski was named a “GM Supplier of the Year” by General Motors.


  • Architect Designworx produced the design for the 45,000 sq ft space.
  • Caliber worked with the architect and the tenant to create the collaborative space.
Caliber led multiple disciplines to meet the project’s schedule.


Interiors showcase the Czarnowski energizing red throughout the space. Warm woods serve as a counterpoint to the crisp white that permeates the space.