Constructing a COVID-19 Business Culture

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The evolving mandates of the CDC and Governor Newsom dictate that business leaders make accommodations to the physical environment for the well-being of their workforce and customers. Many recommendations can be incorporated into currently leased spaces and easily planned for prior to leasing. This INSIGHTS presents modifications tenants will be expected to…

Does Your Space Inspire Creativity? Collaboration? Wellness? … Should It?

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Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace reports that 51% of workers say they aren’t engaged and 17% suggest they are actively disengaged. The answer? For many, it is how your office is configured. The mandate to provide creative spaces grows louder with each passing year. Your staff wants it, their…

Industrial Spaces

Industrial Spaces: Today & Tomorrow

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The industrial spaces sector is red hot. What are the changes as seen through the lens of industry leaders? How does the contractor fit into the equation to drive a better outcome? What will the future bring? “Caliber has a long and broad history of improvements in the industrial sector….


Speedo’s New Orange County Space

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An Innovative Space to Create Pioneering Products It’s only fitting that when a prolific swim and athletics product producer like Speedo decides to leave LA for an Orange County setting, they choose a space that allows them to create an office home as innovative as their products. Set in the Cypress’ 600 acre…

Lighting Controls

Follow the Money – Lighting Controls Make an Impact

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If the catchphrase “follow the money” is apt … ponder this… Market researcher Navigant tells us global networked lighting controls revenue will grow to $4.8B by 2024 — up from a still hefty $2.2B today. That will be more than double in less than ten years. Now that we live in a world…

building control

Energy Conservation Grows Up – Welcoming the Age of Full Building Control

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While pictures tell a story, numbers may foretell our future. Navigant Research predicts global revenue from lighting control equipment in commercial buildings will grow from $1.7B to $5.3B in only seven years (2013-2020). The U.S. DoE predicts that by 2030 roughly 74 percent of all lights will be highly controllable…

Buildings Done Well: Maturing From Cost Center to Business Asset – TOBY Award Issue

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With the push toward the use of sensors and controls to wirelessly connect a building’s devices, services and systems under a single source of information (known as the Internet of Things), commercial buildings are more capable than ever of contributing to larger strategic objectives. In this way, a building becomes less a cost…

title 24

Newest Energy Efficiency Requirements – Adding Cost To Tenant Improvements

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This is the first in a series of articles that will explore the impact of Title 24 on your budget, schedule, and design decisions. We’ll help you stay ahead of the changes & find ways to minimize the disruption. For developers, architects and property managers, the most impactful – and…