Industrial Spaces

Industrial Spaces: Today & Tomorrow

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The industrial spaces sector is red hot. What are the changes as seen through the lens of industry leaders? How does the contractor fit into the equation to drive a better outcome? What will the future bring? “Caliber has a long and broad history of improvements in the industrial sector….


Speedo’s New Orange County Space

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An Innovative Space to Create Pioneering Products It’s only fitting that when a prolific swim and athletics product producer like Speedo decides to leave LA for an Orange County setting, they choose a space that allows them to create an office home as innovative as their products. Set in the Cypress’ 600 acre…

Lighting Controls

Follow the Money – Lighting Controls Make an Impact

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If the catchphrase “follow the money” is apt … ponder this… Market researcher Navigant tells us global networked lighting controls revenue will grow to $4.8B by 2024 — up from a still hefty $2.2B today. That will be more than double in less than ten years. Now that we live in a world…

building control

Energy Conservation Grows Up – Welcoming the Age of Full Building Control

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While pictures tell a story, numbers may foretell our future. Navigant Research predicts global revenue from lighting control equipment in commercial buildings will grow from $1.7B to $5.3B in only seven years (2013-2020). The U.S. DoE predicts that by 2030 roughly 74 percent of all lights will be highly controllable…

Buildings Done Well: Maturing From Cost Center to Business Asset – TOBY Award Issue

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With the push toward the use of sensors and controls to wirelessly connect a building’s devices, services and systems under a single source of information (known as the Internet of Things), commercial buildings are more capable than ever of contributing to larger strategic objectives. In this way, a building becomes less a cost…

title 24

Newest Energy Efficiency Requirements – Adding Cost To Tenant Improvements

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This is the first in a series of articles that will explore the impact of Title 24 on your budget, schedule, and design decisions. We’ll help you stay ahead of the changes & find ways to minimize the disruption. For developers, architects and property managers, the most impactful – and…


How Does Cost Estimating Change Construction Outcomes?

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As the new year takes shape and earnest looking forward begins, conversations will center on emerging products and trends. Technology usually devours a lion’s share of focus, whether it’s one of 15,000 apps added globally every week or an evaluation of cloud providers. Yet, this may be one of the…


Banking 3.0: Where Technology and Banking Meet

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On its website, BBCN, one of the largest Korean-American banks in the nation with $5.8 billion in assets and 45 branches, asserts its goal to redefine Asian American banking and serve the emerging Korean-American entrepreneur. Most customers of BBCN are more apt to recognize how differently they experience banking given…


Innovator Oakley Challenges Tradition and Joins It

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Oakley; One of the big three of American icons - baseball, mom and apple pie - made room for a growing American brand known for their innovative gear for some...