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An Innovative Space to Create Pioneering Products

It’s only fitting that when a prolific swim and athletics product producer like Speedo decides to leave LA for an Orange County setting, they choose a space that allows them to create an office home as innovative as their products. Set in the Cypress’ 600 acre business park, the 64,000 sq. ft. space shares the neighborhood with names like Mitsubishi and Siemens Medical Solutions. After securing the lease, it was time to cue a tenant improvements team from Caliber who is known for leading tenant improvements in multiple Cypress spaces and for giving life to brand-showcasing spaces for active lifestyle brands like Vans. Caliber’s team, led by on-site Project Supervisor Aaron Moss, was able to introduce value engineering ideas that kept the move-in date on schedule and put in the unique features that help make their contemporary space even more distinctive.

Working Great Today, Flexible for Tomorrow

Being the production home to various Speedo functional specialists, the now refurbished Katella Avenue space started with features that gave space designers the freedom to call for workplace configurations suitable for every working style. If workplace design is at its best when end users can adjust the environment to their preferred work style and the space can be adaptable at various phases in the future, Speedo’s new digs could be nearly perfect. From kick-off, the industrial minimalist shell offered a raised access floor throughout. While raised flooring has been traditionally more common to IT data centers because it offers space for cables and mechanical systems as well as underfloor cooling, a raised floor throughout provides a service pathway for HVAC ductwork and cables for voice and power to reside below the floor. This meant that lighting, furniture and wall systems placement didn’t have to be driven by the usual infrastructure restrictions and the large ceiling void space typically reserved in conventional construction could be eliminated. Higher open ceilings means more daylighting can be harvested, underfloor ventilation makes workers more comfortable and the space can be changed quickly and economically when demands shift in the years to come. Caliber’s team built out the office space to include display spaces that can showcase products like the PowerFLEX Eco swimwear made from upcycled ECONYL®. Picture the collection of workstyle options the Caliber team brought to life: collaboration clusters, private isolation shells and vast gathering areas, including one outfitted with twin 20-foot video screens ready to stream video for large groups and office gatherings. There are now floor to ceiling glass enclosed offices (many on the 18,000 square foot mezzanine level), linked office pods clustered together, and roughly 2800 square feet of open space with cubicles and open areas. The bundled office pods sprinkled throughout resemble small individual sheds with three foot openings shuttable with 8 ft. x 10 ft. sliding barn doors. The translucent plastic and sheet metal paneled ceilings on each pod create a sound barrier while enabling light to be pulled in from the larger space. “When we discovered a spec’d product produced in Europe would mean waiting 4-6 weeks to receive it, we got to work and found an equally refined product made here. This was another instance where applying creative approaches allowed us to ensure the client could stand firm with their move-in date without compromising the details and features that make their place their own. This kind of value engineering bridges the gap between a designer’s vision and what it takes to make it happen in reality.” Aaron Moss, Caliber Construction A seating area invites staff to collaborate and informally talk without the constraints imposed by a conference table or lunchroom setting.

Water Anyone?

Caliber’s work continues onsite with the finalization of a 14 foot by 14 foot above ground pool — visible from the double story glass encased entry — where they can both demonstrate and test their products.

What will the Fastskin LZR Racer Bring to Rio?

While the corporate move may be complete, the results expected from 24 Speedo-sponsored athletes this summer at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are an ongoing reminder that Speedo’s aquatic innovations continue to stream forth.

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