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Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace reports that 51% of workers say they aren’t engaged and 17% suggest they are actively disengaged. The answer? For many, it is how your office is configured.

The mandate to provide creative spaces grows louder with each passing year. Your staff wants it, their productivity is heightened by it…and ultimately your bottom line demands it.

Seventy-seven percent of workers believe creativity will be a critical job skill in the future while only 40 percent report their company culture encourages creative work and behavior.

2017 Steelcase Creativity and the Future of Work Survey


This INSIGHTS guides you through some considerations that help you evaluate if your current corporate home is constructed to drive results.


ONE – Places for Differing Work – People work solo and in groups. Make sure you give them what they need for the task at hand.


  • Do you have varying disciplines who should work together in collaborative fashion to achieve corporate objectives?
  • Does your current configuration include areas that support “activity-based working” — spaces where staff can choose the environment that best suits the task or activity including areas for solo work?

TWO – Areas for Movement — Physical activity energizes people for collaboration and keeps them alert. Google hosts a massive rock climbing wall at their Chelsea Market space in NYC that offers respite from desk work.


  • Do you have gathering spaces for staff to congregate & relax?

THREE – Flexible Layouts — Work desks that convert to standing desks, movable walls and areas to serve as meeting rooms and

Caliber’s work at The Park in Lake Forest offers exterior spaces for play, team-building, relaxation, breaks and weather appreciation. Caliber’s completion of the modifications in 2016 established spaces where people can both take a break and find inspiration to do things differently.

lounges are paramount. Open space plans = greater flexibility for changes as functional work changes and corporate objectives and tasks evolve.


To truly support tomorrow’s workforce, companies will need to reimagine the concept of an office – from a space just for work – to a purpose-driven environment that fosters communication, ideation and more.

Heidi Hendy & Anna Grayhek, H. Hendy Associates

FOUR – Exposure to Nature — Providing plants boosts cognition and improves overall health. Plants are proven to clean harmful gases that the VOCs that emanate from building materials, finishes and furnishings. In a nod to this, Apple recently installed over 10,000 trees in their new space.


  • Do you offer relaxed spaces for creative idea generation?
  • What features exist that build in exposure to nature and add to wellness?

Can you visualize a work space that improves the impact of your team?

Caliber led the construction of Murad’s wellness inspired, productivity-enhancing corporate headquarters in LA with a collection of features to support the staff’s comfort and productivity in the office that will enhance how they pursue their corporate objectives.





  • Do you have static spaces such as filing rooms, storage areas, copy centers, etc. that could be reconstructed as meeting areas to drive collaboration and support impromptu meetings?
  • Do you have spaces that could be re-constructed as purpose-driven spaces – either group or solo working spaces?
  • Are you expanding or contracting in the coming few years? Do you need flexibility built in for ease in reconfiguring?
  • Are you interested in exploring the less obvious opportunities that may be less visible

Caliber has been behind those who thrive by driving the productivity they know can be unleashed from their spaces. If you want to make your space work for you in new ways, give us a call to assess your opportunities.

When creative features were mandated in a 104,000 sq. ft. office space in Azusa, CA, Caliber constructed interior and exterior improvements, including the experience-enhancing features of a gymnasium, breakroom, putting green, BBQ & picnic spaces, water features and plenty of glass for interior daylighting.




Can Your Space Drive Higher Profits?

Working with Your Designer – or let us recommend one — Caliber can help you find out!

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