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Oakleyoakley; One of the big three of American icons – baseball, mom and apple pie – made room for a growing American brand known for their innovative gear for some of the world’s top athletes and Olympians. Caliber recently helped Oakley, the lifestyle products trendsetter with sunglasses and performance products, by completing the build-out of a store in baseball’s Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Caliber’s latest effort – one in a series of retail and corporate construction projects for them – was a 1,000 square foot retail store smack dab in the middle of baseball action on the field level next to the Diamond Club and the Angel’s archive center. The store offers fans an opportunity to buy Angel’s sunglasses and apparel that departs from tired approaches to team-themed products and builds in Oakley’s sleek aesthetic.

Opening the Store – What Does Partnering Really Mean?

“Partnering with clients goes beyond the mere meeting of deadlines and finding ways to build in extra quality. When we work with great companies like Oakley who articulate a definite brand DNA, we create a space that supports their brand. In this effort, the benefit of knowing Oakley’s brand well came into play when the project kicked-off close to the looming preseason opening. Our team had a very tight physical space to work in and was managing several vendors and build-out phases concurrently. Moreover, the stadium’s crew was completing their own efforts to prepare for the opener which limited some of our choices,” Caliber Construction Manager Steve Frey said. “For example, when the design for the structural frame wrapping around the front door couldn’t be constructed to fit the schedule, we took the lead with the structural engineer to create a new design that was functional, safe and achievable within the schedule – all the while making Oakley’s brand objectives and the broader picture of who they are part of the decision making and outcome.” In this store a value-add for baseball park customers is the eyewear bar – a large island centered in the middle of the space – that hosts touch screens allowing buyers to choose a frame and lens.

Challenge Tradition While Being Part of It

The store’s industrial finishes align with Oakley’s “challenge tradition” distinctiveness -lots of sleek glass, hot rolled steel and diamond ground concrete with a clear finish. Caliber has already built out several retail centers including those at Oakley headquarters and the Irvine Spectrum, along with numerous other non-etail construction projects, all of which cultivate the brand’s similar emotional theme. Oakley’s corporate site tells us they find equal time for Mad Science and the sports that define our culture and for contemporary-minded Angels’ fans, it likely couldn’t have come soon enough.

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