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With the push toward the use of sensors and controls to wirelessly connect a building’s devices, services and systems under a single source of information (known as the Internet of Things), commercial buildings are more capable than ever of contributing to larger strategic objectives. In this way, a building becomes less a cost center and more of a strong and silent partner. For nearly 30 years, The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and The Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) award they confer, has been advancing the idea that building operations and management excellence has a distinct and strategic business advantage.

A Building Done Well — The TOBY Award

Caliber’s recent work for Turner Real Estate Investments at a Newport Beach 30,084 square foot, Class B, multi-tenant office building that underwent extensive tenant improvements was recognized with a 2014 TOBY in the Renovated Building category (Orange County). Building excellence, as viewed through the TOBY award judging criteria, is a holistic examination of everything from energy management and operational efficiency to building management and standards, tenant retention and relations programs, emergency planning, community impact/involvement, amenities, and accessibility. Of the work at 1300 Quail Street, BOMA judge Peggy Sanchez, Director of Property Management, RiverRock Real Estate Group, reflected, “…through the renovation they were able to make the property more ‘green’ by the redesign of their landscaping and installing drought tolerant plants, drip emitters and a new irrigation system. They also installed new window film which reduced the heat load. Retrofitted lighting saves energy as does new air conditioning units.” In fact, 75% of the grass was removed and newly installed weather sensors determine how much water is needed for irrigation. With these changes, the property is expected to consume 50% less water over the next two years.

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YESTERDAY – Without a significant refurbishment since the 1970s, 1300 Quail was ready to mature into a strategic asset.

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TODAY – Low water-use landscaping is expected to reduce water usage by 50% over the next two years. While not fully connected on a common data platform and able to embrace the full vision of what the Internet of Things will one day mean, what began as a commercial space channeling Newport Beach circa 1970 underwent a gutting of the interior common areas and emerged as a modern California office building more able to participate as an operations asset. Although Turner expected to hold the property, they turned the building over after reaching their objectives a short seven months after finishing renovations. For Caliber, work continues to meaningfully partner with developers and deliver on the innovations and the promise of the Internet of Things — commercial facilities with greater intelligence and connectivity that realizes higher strategic and market value.


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Download PDF: TOBY Award 1300 Quail